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Tim Burton Exhibit @ Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul)

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Being not much of a visual arts person, or even really a Tim Burton fan, this was nonetheless one of the more memorable exhibits I’ve been lucky enough to see. His style is distinctly original, not in that artsy fartsy “I’m trying too hard to be different” kind of way, but more in that “this is who I am and it will shock you” way. So much detail in every picture, and so much thoughtfulness communicated without the audience having to struggle to grasp it. Drawings aside, his writing was what stood out to me the most. This guy has wit for days! Take the time to read all of his poems and ramblings. They’ll give you a good chuckle, a raised eyebrow, and oddly enough a bit of inspiration.

Click HERE for more details and to see sample artwork.

Exhibit ends April 14th, 2013.


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