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The Pursuit of Movement (Month 3 Results)

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Wow. This month had a bit of everything – boredom, new movements, plateaus, and breakthroughs. On one hand I was getting a bit “stuck” with my static holds and couldn’t really progress further. I tried using 2 new holds – front and back lever to cross train for my L Sit and Planche. This actually made quite a difference, both in physical progress and motivation. The biggest jump in my planche didn’t come until a few days before the 3 month mark. After chatting with my friend a bit, I was reminded to consciously “activate my glutes”. It’s fun when you realize “hey I can control that part of my body while I’m doing this.”

Big leaps were made in a few other movements. I love the feel of steady progress, but actually meeting a goal (ahead of schedule) feels even better. Cross that sucker off the list and pat yourself on the back! On the other side of that spectrum however is the growing realization that you might have set your standards too high. Enter the one arm chin-up. That move is a bitch, and I likely will not meet my goal by the end of 4 months. But hey, 4 months is just a temporary number, and this Pursuit of Movement of thing extends way beyond that.

Here are the results from Month 3:



2 months: 12 seconds
3 months: 25 seconds
It was a good moment when I did my PB of 25 seconds. Even the trainer at the gym came by and gave me a thumbs-up

  • Feeling the subtle balance shifts in my fingers.
  • Trying to incorporate shoulders more for stability.
  • Able to zone in a lot more and focus on fixed point.
  • Improved body line.



2 months: 35 seconds (tuck)
3 months: 0.5 seconds – humble beginnings of a straddle (but more like a frog)

  • Working on back levers to strengthen abs.
  • More comfortable leaning forward and extending hips back and up.

L Sit

2 months: 13 seconds
3 months: 20 seconds

  • Body feels like a solid single unit now.
  • Started practicing front levers to improve L Sit.

Bridge Rotations


2 months: 2 per side (low bridge)
3 months: 4 per side (low bridge) GOAL MET!!!

  • Made a pretty good breakthrough with this movement.
  • Increased flexibility in my lower back helped tremendously.
  • Working on high bridges now.

Muscle Ups


2 months: 4
3 months: 5

  • To be embarrassingly honest I don’t practice this move directly much. Maybe like once every 2 weeks.
  • As of this point I think it’s more a technical element rather than strength for me. This will change once I focus on strict form Muscle Ups.

One arm chin-up (OAC)

2 months: 2 (2-finger assisted)
3 months: 2 (1-finger assisted) or 4/5 (arm on bicep assisted)

  • You know what I realized this month? This move is fucking hard.
  • Focusing more on unassisted bent arm hangs and slow controlled negatives.


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