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The Pursuit of Movement (Month 2 Results)

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Found my stride a bit. By the end of 2 months my body has adapted more to the load of working out 5-6 times per week. It almost expects exercise on a daily basis now. There is still some physical and mental strain sometimes, like when I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep, but I’m motivated by the fact that I’m seeing more progression at each workout.

My biggest jump has been with my handstand. It’s incredibly gratifying to suddenly start feeling that sense of control over your physical balance. Muscle memory is kicking in, and I’m starting to become aware enough to juggle multiple variables at the same time.

Here are the results from Month 2:



1 month: 3 seconds
2 months: 12 seconds

  • Practicing mostly free standing handstands now and doing wall assisted ones when I’m at home.
  • Learned the yoga (tuck) entry.
  • Able to be more aware in position and focus on other factors such as body line.



1 month: 20 seconds (tuck)
2 months: 35 seconds (tuck)

  • Trying to move hips back to perform a flat tuck.
  • Gained more elevation.

L Sit


1 month: 7 seconds
2 months: 13 seconds

  • Hip flexors are now strong enough for the trembling in my legs to stop.
  • Legs are kept straight.

Bridge rotation


1 month: 1 per side (low bridge)
2 months: 2 per side (low bridge)

  • Still kinda tough. I practice these after handstands and my shoulders are a bit fatigued. Better results when fresh.
  • Starting with rotations from low bridge on ground. Finish with wall assisted bridge rotations.



1 month: 3
2 months: 4

  • Watched some tutorials. Got some advice. Messing around with false grips and practicing strict form (slow) ones on occasion.
  • Practicing slow pull ups with high elevation.

One arm chin-up (OAC)


1 month: 1 rep (2 finger assisted)
2 months: 2 reps (2 finger assisted)

  • Working on slower negatives.
  • Practicing more often (like on the subway).
  • Trying different forms of assisted OACs.


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