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The Pursuit of Movement (Month 1 Results)

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Well, this first month was quite interesting. The initial excitement of having something new to learn was quickly crushed by the realization of how weak, inflexible, and unbalanced I was.

Just kidding. It wasn’t all that bad.

Basically, when you start anything new you have a plan and you follow it with the faith that you will improve. Trust in your research, trust in your ability, and above all trust that natural order will prevail. Your body is built to adapt, and it will acquire these new movements if you practice with enough awareness and consistency.

Alright, pep talk’s over. Here are my results from Month 1:

1. Handstand

handstandNOTE: There’s not really a rave going on. It’s just the lighting distortion from using the rapidshot feature.

Start: 0 seconds
1 month: 3 seconds

  • Mostly did wall assisted handstands this period. Body line drills facing the wall were especially helpful.
  • Freestanding handstands were very difficult to keep still, especially straight legged ones.

2. Planche


Start: 7 seconds (tuck)
1 month: 20 seconds (tuck)

  • Increased bicep, shoulder, and abdominal strength.
  • Gained more elevation and minimized shaking of the arms.

3. L Sit


Start: 3 seconds
1 month: 7 seconds

  • Used to do this on bars for extra elevation so the transition to floor was pretty challenging.
  • Strengthened hip flexors. Those were a serious weak point!
  • Reduced the shaking/trembling of my quads, and was able to straighten legs.

4. Bridge rotation

Sorry, no footage!

Start: 1 (left side)
1 month: 1 per side

  • Did mostly wall assisted rotations and bridge pushups.
  • Slowly regained the flexibility in my lower back. Strengthened shoulders.

5. Muscle-up


Start: 2
1 month: 3

  • Not much training of this movement in full but working a lot on pull ups and dips.
  • Transitions have become a bit smoother.

6. One arm chin-up (OAC)


Start: 0
1 month: 1 rep (2 finger assisted)

  • These are really fun to practice cause you only have to do 1 rep and it makes you feel like a beast when you realize you’re pulling yourself up with just 1 FREAKIN’ ARM! (assisted, of course)
  • Developed a bit of scapulae (shoulder blade) strength and increased bicep strength.



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