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Date Time @ Suseong Lake (Daegu)

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NOTE: This is a quality date spot

Secure a bit of quality alone time as you glide around the lake in your very own swan shaped boat. I’d suggest getting your cardio up before taking this on. In the event your date is not the athletic type (or if you feel inclined to impress her), pedaling this clunky steel bird alone for 30 minutes can create a burning soreness in your thighs. There’s a lot of lake to cover, and the boat only has one speed: slow. So remember to keep a steady pace, smile through the pain, and let her steer.

After finishing your business on the lake, put your long-neglected ninja skills to use and win your date a carnival prize. There are plenty of gaming stalls here and a few different categories to choose from: throw, break, shoot, or hammer. Your safest bet is to play my personal favorite: Throw Some Darts at Balloons – a Korean classic. The balloons are plentiful and tightly spaced. The darts are sharp and the distance to your target a measly 3 feet. It’s almost as if they want you to succeed…

With your date all buttered up from scenic boat rides and hard earned prizes, why not cap off the night by showing her some true athleticism? The batting cages here are the perfect place to show off that major league swag of yours. Give her a chance to hold your things for a change as you empty your pockets and limber up for the task ahead. Here, 50 cents buys you 12 balls fired at 65mph. That formula, if you didn’t know, only equates to one thing: triumph.

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