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Phase 1 – Creating Strength

This project was something I started in April of 2013. This inspiration for movement came from watching a video that I discovered, ironically enough, from sitting on my ass browsing Facebook. The man in the video is Ido Portal, a man who makes it his life’s work to teach others (and himself) how to move.

Inspired, I decided to commit 4 months to movement training. As I didn’t have the means to dedicate myself fully to Ido Portal’s coaching program, I’ve had to research, create, and follow my own agenda. Goals are listed here, and results of my progression are posted for each month.

Phase 1 of movement training ends August 15th 2013. After that, I’ll see how I did, set new goals, and plan for the next step.

Month 4 Results (End of Phase 1)


Part 3 – Progress, Plateaus, & Adjustments

planche progression

Month 3 Results


Month 2 Results


Month 1 Results


Part 2 – Planning

ido handstand

Part 1 – Inspiration