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Phase 2 – Building Motion

A new chapter begins!

This phase of the Pursuit of Movement picks up a month after I returned to the States from South Korea. My 2.5 stint as an English teacher abroad ended in August, which was about the same time I finished the 4 months of Phase 1. After leaving Korea, I traveled for a month, ate delicious foods, and did a bunch of headstands. Upon returning “home”, I used the month of October as period for adjusting back to a Western diet and rebuilding my fitness/movement levels.

Phase 2 is called Building Motion. The new list of movements this time around are a bit more complex and dynamic. I’m hoping to involve a bit more of actual movement in addition to the static holds I worked on during Phase 1.

Time frame: November 1st, 2013 to March 1st, 2014

Some changes:

  • I no longer have a gym membership and have thus ceased lifting weights. All work outs are done strictly with my own body weight.
  • I’ve invested in a pair of gymnastics rings. It’s a secret weapon for building killer upper body strength long used by gymnasts, cross-fitters, and calisthenics enthusiasts.
  • I started going to a tumbling gym. It’s a bit like a gymnastics facility except strictly for learning tumbling. That means trampolines, springy floors, and soft mats. A paradise for any overly cautious and not so nimble adults like myself.

Month 2 Results


Month 1 Results

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Part 1 – 6 New Moves