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A bit of stuff to keep the fire in you belly burning. Hope this inspires you to travel, learn headstands, do cartwheels, play with your dog, whatever.

Inspiration of the Week: Woman & Horse – Drift Compatible


Inspiration of the Week: Capoeira a la Spoken Word

capoeira slam poetry

You Are Never Too Old

to put young people to shame.

The Best Show on Earth…

is of course of the Universe. (Infinity starts at 1:15)

Best Advice from a Movie

16 years later, this scene still oozes power. Brilliantly written. Superbly acted.

Machu Picchu

The city in the sky. Inspiration for writers, artists, and dreamers.

The World As It’s Waking Up

This guy travels the world, wakes up early, and films.

Quite Possibly the Best Travel Story Ever Told

Colorfully animated for your viewing pleasure:


The Scene that Made Everyone Want to Go to Kyoto

Or maybe just me…


Ever Thought About Going to Scotland?

This video paints some compelling reasons:


Wise Words from an Unlikely Source

This gem of a quote was said in the closing moments of The Rumble 2012, a debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly:

“Young pinheads: Work hard. Be honest. Get off the Net. Go outside. Travel as much as you can. Find your passion; everybody’s good at something, everybody’s got a talent. Find what you’re good at, and make money doing it.” – Bill O’Reilly