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Ropes & Zip Lines @ Herb Hillz (Daegu)

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(Watch some Herb Hillz zip-lining HERE)

Don’t let the name fool you… this is not where Korean homeys go to get baked. Herb Hillz possesses absolutely no herbs of the smokable kind, and the noticeable absence of street vibe here puts the “z” in “Hillz” into high question.

This is an eco-park (an eco what?) – a relaxing place to bring your city weary selves and enjoy the authentic beauty of nature as presented best through the accompaniment of man-made sculptures. You know, an eco-park.

I’ve come here three times, and each time with only one thing in mind: zip lining. Being the spry Asian ninja that I am, I like to periodically test my skills on the ropes courses (with zip lines) at their Eco Adventure attraction. After receiving my instructions in Korean (can’t really figure out what he said), I swagger on over to the base of Tarzan, their hardest course. I got this shit, son.

After 10 minutes of laboring through the suspended web of obstacles with the grace of a crippled monkey, I decide I should perhaps give up on my future goal of auditioning for Ninja Warrior. I take solace in the fact that at least I can still look badass zip lining through the trees.

If you find yourself leaving the course with a bruised ego, make a stop at the small bakery and treat yourself to making some delicious rosemary cookies side by side with little kids. That always makes me feel better. 🙂

Watch some zip-lining in action!

Need Directions? Click HERE


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