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Art is for the Awesome @ Getty Center (Los Angeles)

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February 2012

Out of the miserable depths of L.A.’s automotive mosh pit known as the 405 Freeway lies a lone standing sanctuary of hope. With enough aesthetics to compensate for the rest of this smog and traffic filled city, the Getty Center is one of the last remaining icons of untainted beauty. (See: The White Tower in The Lord of the Rings)

I have a perfect track record of creating favorable impressions with this place. Everyone I’ve brought here (2 people) has left feeling content and generally better about their relationship with me.

The journey to cultural Zen starts off with a monorail ride reminiscent of the train in Spirited Away, transporting you from the foot of the hills to the entrance of the museum. From there put on your best museum face as you wander through 4 buildings worth of art galleries. I’ve never been much of an admirer of still art (performance art is more my thang), but it’s always a fun challenge to walk from painting to painting holding a look of curious contemplation.

The Getty Center is rather a large place, with enough art, gardens, and spectacular views to spend a full day. Take your time and stay late to avoid the shitty traffic. And challenge yourself to find as many sculptures with penises on them as you can. My record is 2.

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