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Jinhae (Directions)

Jinhae (far)

Jinhae is a small coastal town in the South of Korea. It’s a bit tricky to get to. This is a railway station there but there are virtually no direct trains in if you’re coming from a major city. There is a bus station there too, but I would not recommend taking the bus or driving there during the festival times. Traffic will be a mess.

The following directions are from Daegu. If you live in another city, your best bet is to find a train or bus to Changwon (closest transport hub). From there on it’s just a short train ride (or bus if you insist) to Jinhae.

By Train

  1. From Dongdaegu Station, take the Mugunghwa train to Changwon.
  2. From Changwon Station, take another Mugunghwa train to Jinhae.

(Get your cameras ready when the train gets close to Jinhae, you’ll be passing right through Gyeonghwa Station a.k.a. Cherry Blossom Road)

Total cost: 7,100 KRW
Total time: approx. 1 hr 50 min (not including transfer waiting time)

Train tickets can be purchased HERE. Remember to select Transfer under Type of Travel if direct routes do not show up.

NOTE: If you are planning to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival on a weekend, book your ticket online weeks in advance. Purchasing at the station day of may result in standing room only or worse yet, no tickets at all. This festival is quite popular!

Cherry Blossom Festival Guide Map

Jinhae (close)

Check out the map above for the prime spots to see during the festival. If you are staying overnight or later into the evening, I’d recommend seeing Yeojwa Stream after sundown. There is also the naval base (not shown on the map) west of the station that is probably worthwhile to see also.

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