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Herb Hillz (Directions)

Herb Hillz (from far)

This place is located in the more remote mountainous region of southern Daegu. It’s not accessible by subway, so you’ll have to bus it.

By Public Transportation

Departing from Banwoldang station (Downtown):

  1. Come out EXIT 5 at Banwoldang station
  2. Walk straight about 1 block to arrive at the bus stop
  3. Take bus Rapid Line 2
  4. Get off at Hyeonnae 1-ri (11 stops)
  5. Herb Hillz will be on your right, just up the hill

(Up close)

If you want to map out your own bus route, enter “Herbhillz” (one word) as the Arrival point on the Daegu Bus website.


By Taxi

Copy this and show to your driver: 허브힐즈
or if you’re feeling adventurous say: “h’uh buh heel juh” (Herb Hillz in Korean)

Herb Hillz website

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