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Gokoku Shrine (Directions)

Gokoku Shrine (from far)

The best way to tour Fukuoka is on the Green Bus. It loops around the city, stopping at the major sightseeing spots. You can buy a day pass at Hakata Station and ride to your hearts desire.

By Public Transportation

  • Board the Green Bus at any of their designated stops. (See the map here)
  • Get off Stop #19: Gokoku Jinja
  • Walk back about 100 meters in the opposite direction that the bus is going (or just go West)
  • The entrance is across the street from the parking lot. Look for the MASSIVE wooden arch

(Up close)

By Taxi

Copy this and show to your driver: 護国神社
Or show off your linguistic prowess and say: “gokoku jinja”

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