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How do you experience a destination?

Is it through the food? By interacting with the people? Exploring the history and culture?

Every place has a lot to tell, stories to be absorbed through the senses, the mind, and the heart. And undoubtedly every traveler – from the avid backpacker to the hotel & resort tourist – has their own method of hearing that story. Seeing. Doing. Tasting. Talking. Spending.

As for me, I prefer a different angle.

HST collage 11-2013

I like to touch the ground. Plant my head and feel the earth up close. See the view upside down.

I like to experience a place by moving in it.


The Headstand – Making a Deeper Connection

At first it didn’t hold much meaning beyond “just a cool picture”. But then as the headstands accumulated it started becoming a ritual, a way of experiencing each place just a bit differently.

I began to remember a place by how it felt underneath my head. How the sky looked upside down. How comfortable or uncomfortable the surface was. How long I held my headstand. How difficult it was to capture the shot.

My headstand became my connection.

Maine headstand

From struggling to balance on my head, I can tell you that the stones on the Great Wall are way more slanted than they look.

Seeing Macau Tower upside down, I can tell you that the sight of the World’s Highest Bungee is way more terrifying than actually jumping off the damn thing.

And after days of playing in nature’s softest playground, the top of my head can tell you just how soft the sand in the Philippines really is. Thank goodness for soft sand.

Inspired Storytelling

Every experience is made more memorable by sharing it.

Rather than having these pictures, videos, and thoughts of these amazing places become lost relics on an external hard drive, I’d much prefer giving them some life through telling a memorable story. Described as colorfully as I can, I want to make a place come alive for you. I want your imagination engaged and your inspiration meter at full. See what I saw. Feel what I felt. And ultimately, PACK. YOUR. BAGS. AND. GO.


Pursuing Movement

A wise person once said: “Don’t wait until you get old to travel. See the world now”.

The same can be said about moving your body.

We’ve become conditioned to neglect our natural playfulness as we grow into adults. Cartwheels and tag get replaced with benchpresses and Facebook. Movement becomes regimented and categorized. We start getting “too old for that shit”.

Well, I wasn’t ready to let the kids have all the fun! I still wanted to explore what this body could do. So, on my 31st birthday I made a lifestyle change (and subsequently the 2nd half of this blog). I started my Pursuit of Movement.

Headstands were just the beginning. Now I’m working towards handstands and planches, learning capoeira, gymnastics, yoga… whatever my body is drawn to.

Becoming a better mover. Playing more freely where I can. Experiencing each new place a little differently.

Travel with Movement.